See you at IFTEX 2018 in Nairobi

Our favourite event of the year! OF COURSE we’ll be at the IFTEX 2018 in Nairobi, which will take place on June 6-8. Let’s meet and/or catch up at our usual stand B3.02. We’re looking forward!

Successful Hortiflorexpo in Beijing

Smiles in Beijing!

It’s always exciting to enter new grounds so when Alani Gardens attended the Hortiflorexpo in Beijing we were (very!) pleasantly surprised that see that our new Chinese friends loved our beautiful roses just as much as we do. Love also Blooms in China!

Hortiflorexpo Beijing 2018

Alani Gardens is travelling the world! We will attend the Hortiflorexpo in Beijing at 10-12 May. You’re more than welcome to visit as at stand W2A26 in hall W2. 一会儿见!

A little glamour at IFTEX 2017

Meet the Stars at IFTEX 2017!

Of course we’ll see each other at the IFTEX held on June 7-9 in Nairobi again! Stop by at our usual place in hall B (3.02) for a face to face meeting with the Alani Garden Style Icons. We’ll guarantee that our Super Stars are even more impressive in person. Prepare to be dazzled and star struck…

First Prize for Dividend

First Prize for Dividend

First Prize for Dividend

Alani Gardens won a Keukenhof Award at the Rose Show held in the Keukenhof on April 13th. Our Dividend won First Prize in the category Import Rose. We are especially proud because the show never was this big: it contained 500 vases, 22.000 roses, 336 cultivars and 107 contenders. This makes winning an Award extra special. More information (in Dutch) and a nice little video here.

A visit from Mwigito Primary School

The girls from Mwigito Primary School

The girls from Mwigito Primary School

The Alani farm was recently visited by the local school; what a nice and happy party it was! The pupils from Mwigito Primary School, Class 7 and 8 were given a tour on the farm grounds. The girls were very interested in what we had to tell them and asked many questions. At the end of the visit everybody was given a bunch of roses to take home. We hope to do this again soon!

Alani at IFTF and FHTF Trade Fairs 2016

See you in Vijfhuizen and Aalsmeer!

See you in Vijfhuizen and Aalsmeer!

Alani Gardens will attend both fairs and is looking forward to catch up with you! Busy busy busy at the farm which means that this year our roses can be admired in the stands of Rosen Tantau (Vijfhuizen, A2.22) and Fresco Flowers (Aalsmeer, hall 2, 14.6).

Love to see you in Vijfhuizen or Aalsmeer on 2-4 november! IFTF Vijfhuizen and FloraHolland Tradefair Aalsmeer.

Alani installs Jamafa sorting machine

The Jamafa machine in action

The Jamafa machine in action

Recently we installed a Jamafa sorting machine at the Alani Gardens farm. We’re happy to say it works like a dream! Using highly sophisticated camera techniques (tracking head size and stem length and thickness) all our roses are now bunched to the highest standards. The result is 100% even and uniform bunches with consistent high quality roses.

Exciting times at auction

Barracuda...quite alluring isn't she?

Barracuda…quite alluring isn’t she?

From Monday the 6th of June onwards we’re happy to offer you some new varieties at the FloraHolland auction. Enter Barracuda, Primavera, First Lady and Green Gene! Olivia and Suplesse will be available from 13th June onwards. Have a pre meet & greet at our rose portfolio page.

Visit Alani at IFTEX 2016

ALANI_IFTEX_2016As ever a highlight during the year, IFTEX 2016 is nearly upon us. Alani Gardens will be there of course and hopes to see you. Come and visit us (especially if you like pink…) at our stand B3.02 (hall B) for an update and a chat!